Kenya and Tanzania 28th July - 30th August 2009 ← The journey begins! This report follows the travels of two Canadians, Robin and Robert, as they self-drive through the Mara in Kenya and the Northern Circuit of Tanzania in August 2009. The report is written by Robin and credit for the photos goes to Robert. The report begins with a list of resources that we found helpful at the planning stage. This is followed by our itinerary accompanied by a map on which our route is highlighted. The itinerary is followed by a list of highlights accompanied by some of our favourite photos. Note that the photos may be enlarged by clicking on them. Following the highlights, there is a very brief list of lowlights - there weren't many! Eventually, there will be a day to day account of the trip, which will be accompanied by many more photos - this is a work in progress. Robert and I wish to thank Meregan, Charles, Clare, Carly and Lizzie of Safari Drive for another trip of a lifetime. We are most grateful to you all. Enjoy! Robin - bert-and-bin